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From: Joseph E. Giannetti, Sr. 
Date: Jun 11, 2006 4:01 PM
Subject: RE: [Bullseye-L] powders and burn rates
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Hi Craig,

I use BE and Clay's and HTG and frankly I have to clean my guns after about
5 to 600 rounds no matter what, so what is the difference? It seems the
1911's get dirty within a few rounds, and in particular they bleed dirt, oil
and soot all over your hands from the get go! My revolvers don't get near as
dirty it seems.

Personally BE is the best powder I've used but like you say what works for
one don't for another and I think that is why they have chocolate and
vanilla ice cream!

Joe G.
Phoenix, AZ

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Well I will beg to differ on the gunk and problems in 30 to 40 rounds.  I
have close to 800 or so rounds through mine and I have not cleaned it and it
still works fine.  Now to accuracy, I am not a master level shooter but this
weekend I have a couple good rounds, 90+ at 50 in slow fire.  Humm, it works
for me in my gun.  But like we all know, what works in one might not work in


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I have tried TiteGroup and my experience and that of some other bullseye
shooters I've spoken to was awful, but others disagree so I'm curious myself
as to what is said here regarding it. My experience was that it was flat-out
the dirtiest powder I've ever used in target loads. It created a black,
sticky gunk fouling that would cause feeding problems in as little as 30-40
rounds. In full-power loads, however, it burned cleanly for me. It is a much
denser powder than Clays, taking up less space in the case, and metered