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to gblavigne, bullseye-l  5/20/2007
		 Hi Grant,
		 The recipe is: 1 pint STP (the original STP, not one of the
many current variations); 1 qt of Marvel Mystery Oil (again the original
oil, not one of the many current variations) 1 qt of Automatic Transmission
Fluid, the red stuff; 1 1/2 qts of a very light weight detergent oil (like
15wt or 20 wt).  This recipe will make 1 gallon, enough to last a life
Craig has got it correct, it's the cost factor.  When I last made up a
couple gallons it cost me around $6 per gallon. Get together with a couple
friends and split the cost.  If you buy BreakFree in the small bottles it
will cost you nearly $300 per gallon.
The recipe came from the Marine shooters at Perry many years ago.  They used
it on everything, the 1911's (this was before the M-9) their M-14's and
AR's.  I use the oil anywhere I need a light weight oil from automotive,
sewing machines, to shooting.
A really great container to keep the oil in is to order from
Numrich/Gunparts their #28147A oiler.  the cost is about $1 each; but make
sure you order the clear containers and not the solid color ones.  These 1/2
ounce containers are leak resistant and great for your shooting box.

Per Rober S. Liles 
Yes, the STP engine treatment.  Yes, the dual weight oils are OK.  (15w40 or 20x50)

Bob Brown

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		 9:09 am (5 minutes ago) 
		 I read Roddy's post re the old Marine Corps oil recipe and
found it's identical to the one I've been using since I got it from the
'smiths at Quantico some 50 years ago...with one exception.  Roddy uses 1qt
of Marvel Mystery Oil and I use 3 bottles of Hoppes (the original formula). 
I'm out of the original Hoppes so I guess the next time I need to mix up
some, I'll use the Marvel instead.  That event may well be a bit down the
road since I still have a quart all mixed and ready.

I use FP 10 on the .22's and on tight, match 1911's, but on non-match fit
guns, I use the Witch's Brew...also known as Secret Sauce by the latter-day
Marines I know.

BTW, the original Hoppes contained Benzene and I understand current
production does not.