Hammerli 280

Hammerli 280

Hammerli 280

Sight Adjustments

Elevation: Clockwise down.
Windage: Clockwise right.
1 click = 10mm @ 25m.
Caution! Do not blacken sights over an open flame as the carbon fiber components in the pistol are only heat resistant up to 180 degrees C.

Trigger Adjustments

Trigger #1 First Stage Weight: Turn screw 8 clockwise to increase.
Second Stage Weight: Turn screw 34 clockwise to increase.
Adjusting from 1000 to 1360g: There are three basic options. 1 is turn screw 8 two and a half rotations clockwise. 2 is turn screw 34 one rotation clockwise. 3 is turn screw 8 one and a quarter to one and a half rotations clockwise AND turn screw 34 half a turn clockwise - this will increase both first and second stage and maintain roughly the same balance.
Trigger #2 Sear Engagement: This is adjusted by threaded bush 35 enclosing screw 34. To increase sear engagement, first turn screw 34 two rotations clockwise. Then take blade 2 of the combitool (screwdrive blade) and screw threaded bush 35 one quarter turn anti clockwise. Then turn screw 34 two rotations counterclockwise. Test for feel of trigger release.
Trigger #3First Stage Travel: This adjustment is made with three different screws which are interdependent. These screws must be adjusted concurrently to maintain their correct relationship to each other.
To Reduce Takeup Length: First, turn screw 24 clockwise through 2 turns with 1.5mm allen key (this is the trigger stop screw).
Then turn screw 15 clockwise about a quarter of a turn with Blade 1 of Combitool.
Turn screw 7 clockwise a third of a turn with Blade 3 of the Combitool.
Cock the hammer. Trigger bar #18 must register with #11. If not, turn threaded bush #7 anticlockwise until #18 engages. If there is backlash between #18 and #11, turn the threaded bush clockwise until there is minimum 0.05mm or maximum 0.2mm available. To check the setting, cock and drop the hammer several times.
Setting Trigger Stop: Cock the hammer, draw the trigger shoe to the let off position and hold. Turn screw 24 anticlockwise until the hammer can no longer be dropped. Then turn screw 24 clockwise slowly until the hammer drops, and then continue to turn for at least another quarter to half a turn.


Strip #1Make sure gun is unloaded and remove magazine.
Pull back slide and lock open with slide catch.
Using an allen key, loosen the screw in the magazine well by about ten turns.
Strip #2Loosen and remove screw from front of slide housing with 4mm allen key. Lift off receiver cover.
Strip #3Release the slide from its catch and gently ease it forward. Lift the slide forward and off to remove.
Strip #4Remove the grip by unscrewing allen bolt in its base.
Decock the hammer by pulling the trigger. It is essential to cushion the hammer with your thumb or a piece of wood to avoid damaging the receiver.
Strip #5The complete trigger unit can be now lifted up and out. Push from below if necessary.
Caution: the buffers can fall out when the trigger unit is removed.

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